Digital to Analog Converters

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    Chord Hugo 2 DAC/headphone amp

    Hugo is a multi-award-winning mobile DAC and headphone amplifier of unrivalled quality. It uses Chord Electronics' bespoke technology to deliver class-leading sound quality from your music collection, however it is stored. A What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision...

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  • Chord Hugo TT DAC/Headphone Amp

    With the new Hugo TT (Table Top) we've built on the extraordinary success of our genre-defining Hugo DAC/headphone amplifier. The new larger desktop-orientated device offers greater connectivity including a USB-B input, XLR outputs, two quarter inch...

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  • Chord Mojo DAC/Headphone Amplifier

    Chord Mojo DAC/Headphone Amplifier

    Chord Electronics is proud to introduce Mojo, the ultimate DAC/Headphone Amplifier for your smartphone. Simply connect Mojo to your iPhone, Android phone, PC, or Mac, plug in your headphones and you can experience crystal clear audio the way you would...

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  • Chord Qutest DAC

    Qutest is a standalone DAC whose performance belies its compact dimensions. With DAC architecture based on the award-winning Hugo 2, Qutest offers class-leading digital conversion. Qutest is our ‘pure’ DAC (it does not contain headphone...

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  • IFI Micro iDAC2 Portable Amp/DAC

    The iDAC was good. It was very good and cultivated a very loyal following among customers and reviewers alike. The iDAC2 is the all-new 2015 version. It is a totally new design that has drawn upon the widespread praise garnered by the nano iDSD and micro...

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    Lindemann Musicbook 10 DSD USB DAC

    The musicbook:10 DSD is the basic model of the musicbook series. It is a USB digital-analog converter with outstanding sound properties which enables the reproduction of music from a computer in studio master quality. It can handle easily resolutions...

    $4,500.00 $3,495.00
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    Lindemann Musicbook 15 DSD USB DAC

    The musicbook:15 DSD is equivalent to the musicbook: 10 DSD, but in addition offers a built-in CD player. It is a USB digital-to-analog converter with a superb sound quality, which enables the music reproduction from the computer in studio mastering...

    $5,200.00 $3,995.00
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  • Musical Fidelity MX DAC

    MX-DAC - Overview After years of patient research and development, we are proud to launch our MX-DAC with DSD. With its technical innovation, superb technical performance and excellent build quality, the new MX DAC offers truly outstanding value for...

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  • NAD D1050 USB DAC

    The NAD D 1050 USB DAC is the best way to add Computer Audio and HD Digital to your component hi-fi system. Both the digital and the analogue circuits are highly optimized, and are based on techniques developed and proven over NAD’s history. The...

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