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ifi micro iDSD DAC


Product Description

There is nothing like the micro iDSD. It is literally, out of this world. It is the only DAC in the world (at any price) to play True Native Octa-DSD512/PCM768/Double DXD. Its Perfect-Match means it can be fine-tuned to any headgear from IEMs all the way through to large headphones. Its 8v/4000mW output makes it one of the most powerful headamps to drive even the most hungry of headphones with ease.




Inputs (rear):

  • USB 2.0 type A “OTG” Socket (with iPurifier® technology built-in) Compatible with computers (Apple/Win/Linux), iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Android Devices, camera kit or USB-OTG cable required. (Full USB3.0 port compatible)
  • Intelligent SPDIF® Coaxial 3 Way combo SPDIF port (Coaxial In/Out; Optical In); Up to 192kHz PCM
  • SPDIF Optical

Outputs (rear):

  • Audio RCA L+R
  • Intelligent SPDIF® Coaxial Up to 192kHz PCM

Output (right side):

  • SmartPower® Socket Fast charge all portable devices. Compliant with USB Battery Charging Standard 1.2 – 5V @ 1.5A


Controls (front):

  • HP Output Audio 6.3mm Headphone Jack
  • Volume with Power On/Off switch Precision analogue volume control <2dB Tracking error
  • 3.5mm Input Auto disable the digital section when this is in use
  • X-Bass® On/Off
  • 3D Holographic Sound® On/Off Auto-switching for Speakers® and Headphones® (two separate and distinct circuits)

Controls (left side):

  • Power Mode Turbo, Normal, Eco Computer controlled power and gain scaling
  • Polarity Normal/Inverted
  • Filter 3 positions, 6 filters (see filter section below)

Controls (bottom):

  • Line Direct/Preamplifier Preamplifier function Enable/Disable, 0/9dB gain selectable Fixed 2V or variable with up to 5V available
  • iEMatch® Perfect-matching circuit for IEMs (eliminate hiss) Off / High Sensitivity Headphone / Ultra Sensitivity Headphone

DAC section

DAC Dual-core DSD, DXD, PCM DAC by Burr Brown 2-DAC Chip; 4-Channel; 8-Signals, custom interleaving for maximum SNR
Bit-Perfect DSD processing, Bit-Perfect PCM processing

Clock Ultra low jitter GMT computer controlled Femto Clock RMS jitter 12kHz – 1MHz < 280 Femtoseconds

Audio Formats:

  • DSD 512/256/128/64/24.6/22.6/12.4/11.2/6.2/5.6/3.1/2.8 All native decoding, no internal hardware conversion
  • DXD 2x/1x/768/705.6/384/352.8kHz All native decoding, no internal hardware conversion
  • PCM 768/705.6/384/352.8/192/176.4/96/88.2/48/44.1kHz All native decoding, no internal hardware conversion


  • PCM Bit-Perfect Processing/Minimum Phase/Standard Digital filters selectable
  • DSD Extreme/Extended/Standard Range Analogue filters selectable
  • DXD Bit-Perfect Processing Fixed analogue filter

Specifications (DAC Section):

  • Dynamic Range (Line) >117db(A)
  • THD & N (0dBFS Line) <0.003%
  • Output Voltage (Line) >2V
  • Output Impedance (Zout) < 240Ω
  • Jitter (correlated) Below AP2 test set limit

Headphone Power Output

HP Amp Output Power (max) Power (continuous.)

  • Turbo mode 10.0V/4,000 mW @ 16 Ohm >1560 mW @ 64 Ohm
  • Normal mode 5.5V/1,900 mW @ 16 Ohm >950 mW @ 32 Ohm
  • Eco mode 2.0V/500 mW @ 8 Ohm >250 mW @ 16 Ohm

Specifications (Headamp Section)

  • Dynamic Range (HP) >115dB(A) (Eco Mode, 2V Out)
  • THD &N (HP 500mW/16R) < 0.008%
  • Output Voltage (HP) >8V (Turbo Mode)
  • Output Impedance (Zout) <1Ω (iEMatch not engaged)
  • Maximum Output Power 4,000mW @ 16 Ohm Load when using sinewave testing the iDSD micro may engage protection circuits
  • Continuous Output Power 1,000mW @ 64 Ohm Load

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