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Salvi Gaia 38 Lever Harp


Product Description

Introducing the GAIA, the first student model created by SALVI specifically as a preparatory instrument to the pedal harp. Equipped with pedal harp strings, the GAIA has the same string tension, spacing, and gauge of a SALVI pedal harp.

With the GAIA, the future pedal harpist becomes accustomed to the appropriate string tension from the earliest years of study, exercising the correct finger strength and position of the hands. Featuring a characteristic pedal harp sound, the GAIA is an ideal instrument for the aspiring pedal harpist or for those wishing to play classical repertoire on an easily portable instrument. The GAIA is an exceptionally compact and lightweight harp, and it will appeal to the student and seasoned harpist alike with its wide range of 38 strings and its rich tone quality.

Complete with a famed Italian Fiemme Valley red spruce soundboard, the same wood used on all SALVI pedal harps, the GAIA has the warm, full sound that has become synonymous with SALVI harps. New generation levers and mechanical components ensure reliable intonation, and the engineering of the soundbox provides a powerful sound. Its elegant design can be enriched with a decorative hand-painted soundboard* by special request.

The GAIA is also part of the Start and Play line, dedicated to those who want to discover the universe of music!

*The optional hand-painting of the soundboard is not included in the list price.


Height: 53.25 inches


Width: 30 inches


Weight: 25 lbs.



Soundboard Width: 13.5 inches.



Range: 38 pedal-tension strings (First Octave C to Sixth Octave A)



Soundboard: Fiemme Valley Red Spruce



Standard Finishes: Mahogany, Natural Maple, Cherry

Special-order Finishes: Red, Deep Pink, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Walnut, Ebony

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