• Origin Live Conqueror Tonearm

    Origin Live Conqueror Tonearm

    One of the very best tonearms on sale at any price, Conqueror is aptly named. Yet this isn’t an overblown, showy performer – it’s not voiced to impress some of the people, some of the time. Rather, it’s exceptionally even-handed...

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  • Origin Live Encounter Tonearm

    Origin Live Encounter Tonearm

    Encounter builds on the outstanding performance of the Zephyr by improving the design and quality of many critical components. This is not just a development, but a complete redesign.The entire yoke and base are different from the fully gimballed...

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  • Origin Live Onyx Tonearm

    Origin Live Onyx Tonearm

    Onyx was designed as an affordable performance benchmark – a tonearm that would flatter any budget or mid-price turntable and still be happy on a high end deck. Sonically, it marks a significant step up from the Alliance tonearm – and indeed...

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