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CD Players

  • ATC

    ATC CDA2 CD Pre-amplifier

      New CDA2 – CD Pre-Amplifier   Overview   All-discrete class-A pre-amplifier with balanced and unbalanced outputs. Two analogue inputs via RCA/phono and one via 3.5mm mini-jack. High performance CD Player. Premium...

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  • Musical Fidelity M3 SCD CD Player

    Musical Fidelity M3 SCD CD Player

    M3scd - Overview The M3scd has been designed to give outstanding CD reproduction and to be a digital hub. In addition to CD it has 3 digital inputs: coax, optical and asynchronous USB. This makes it particularly useful for set top boxes and/or TV...

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  • Musical Fidelity M6 SCD CD Player

    Musical Fidelity M6 SCD CD Player

    M6scd - Overview The M6scd is a superb performer. It uses a 32 bit DAC with 192 kHz up-sampling and delivers outstanding technical and musical performance. It also has a range of digital inputs: 2 x coax, 2 x optical and asynchronous USB. This makes...

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  • Musical Fidelity Nu-Vista CD Player

    Musical Fidelity Nu-Vista CD Player

    Nu-Vista CD Player - Overview The Nu-Vista CD is the perfect match for the highly acclaimed Nu-Vista 800 integrated.  We have designed it with exactly the same sonic parameters as the Nu-Vista 800.  Being a Musical Fidelity product it has...

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  • SALE


    NAD C 568 Compact Disc Player

    The C 568 takes the superb performance of our 5-star rated C 565BEE and steps it up to the next level. Every aspect of sonic performance is enhanced and refined, making the C 568 the ideal companion to our C 368 amplifier, or any system in...

    Was: $999.00
    Now: $899.00
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  • NAD

    NAD C538 BEE Compact Disc Player

    NAD has an enviable reputation for creating great sounding products at very affordable prices and nowhere is this more evident than in NAD’s CD Players. NAD’s veteran engineers know exactly where to spend just a little extra money for a...

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  • NAD

    NAD C546BEE CD Player

    The C 546BEE CD Player takes the superb performance of our 5-star rated C 545BEE and steps it up to the next level. Every aspect of sonic performance is enhanced and refined making the C 546BEE the ideal companion to our C 356BEE amplifier or any system...

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  • NAIM Audio CD5 si CD Player

    The CD5si CD player, especially when partnered with the complementary NAIT 5si integrated amplifier, sets a thrilling new standard for musical performance at our entry level. With so much focus on audio streaming and downloads it might seem...

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  • Rega Apollo-R CD Player

    Rega Apollo-R CD Player

    The Apollo-R is the result of many years of innovation, advanced software development and elegant engineering solutions researched by our highly skilled team of engineers and designers. It took the completion of two of our multi award winning products,...

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  • SIMAudio MOON 260D CD Transport

    Don't let the name fool you - this machine has nothing to do with the original MOON 260D, which was strictly a CD Player, albeit a very good one. The Neo 260D borrows much of its technology from the more exotic and costlier 650D in the Evolution series...

  • TEAC CD Player PD-501HR

    Introduce yourself to TEAC’s HA-501, a fully analog, dual monaural headphone amplifier with elegance. Part of the 501 series, this Class-A amplifier delivers superior sound quality, a sleek, modern look, all encased in a rugged but compact design...

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  • Technics SL-C700S Premium Class CD Player

    Compact Disc Player SL-C700 Realizes accurate and high-quality music reproduction, drawing out the full potential inherent in a music CD. Ultra Low Distortion Oversampling Digital Filter The oversampling digital filter uses Technics'...

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