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    Marten DJANGO L Loudspeaker (Special Price)

    Marten DJANGO L Loudspeaker (Special Price)

    DJANGO L - Special Price, Silver/Grey Model Only The Django L is the smaller version of last year’s hugely successful Django XL.  But it’s no little brother.  With power and performance to spare, it punches well above its weight...

    MSRP: $11,500.00
    Was: $11,500.00
    Now: $7,999.00
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    Marten DJANGO XL Loudspeaker (Special Price)

    DJANGO XL - Special Price, Silver/Grey model only. Django XL is a three-way full-range loudspeaker. As in the Coltrane models, Django XL has a level control for the bass of +/-1dB, which enables the listener to tune the speaker to the listening...

    MSRP: $17,000.00
    Was: $17,000.00
    Now: $9,500.00
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  • Marten Duke 2 Loudspeaker

    Marten Duke 2 Loudspeaker

    Duke 2 Small can often be beautiful. And the sound that the Duke delivers, despite its diminutive size, is beautifully rich and smooth, covering frequencies down to 38 Hz. In fact, it sounds as outstanding as the rest of the Heritage series –...

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  • Marten GETZ 2 Loudspeaker

    Marten GETZ 2 Loudspeaker

    GETZ 2 Getz completes the Heritage series from Marten. A truly refined 3-way model. The new tweeter uses pioneering technology to achieve diamond-like performance. Combined with the signature ceramic drivers they produce distortion-free sound that is...

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  • Marten Heritage Bird 2 Loudspeaker

    A stunning 3-way model from the Heritage series, Bird's imposing size is matched by superb, state-of-the-art sound reproduction. Two sandwich bass units deliver exceptional power and control over lower frequencies. Combined with the ceramic mid-range...

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  • Marten Miles 5 Loudspeaker

    Marten Miles 5 Loudspeaker

    Miles 5 Miles, the last remaining model from Marten's original range, has been continually refined and developed since its creation. It is Marten's most widely-spread model among audiophiles across the world. And with good reason. Considered a design...

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