Power Line Conditioners


Washing machines, fridges, computers, plug in power supplies, low energy lighting, dimmer switches, heating pumps, thermostats, solar power installations, the list of culprits directly injecting rubbish into our mains supply is endless. Effectively anything connected to the mains in your house and all of your neighbors houses contributes to the problem. And that is before you consider more distant heavy industrial machinery, and it doesn’t stop there….. In the air there’s mobile phone, radio and TV transmissions, WiFi, Bluetooth, emergency services transmissions (the list is never ending) all totally saturating the atmosphere. Your household wiring and equipment cables acting as antennas, absorb and pile these very significant disturbances on top of the considerable interference already in them.

The flood of fizz, hash, spikes, snap crackle and pop delivering itself into your sensitive dacs, preamps, amplifiers and video displays swamp and confuse everything they are trying to do…… and it gets worse! The DC voltages, normally present in your mains supply, smother and suffocate the transformers in your equipment. Transformers need to “breath” freely and fully, in and out, following the AC mains frequency. The presence of DC leaves them noisily gasping for breath and unable to deliver their full power and punch.

When this occurs, the clarity, dynamics and emotion of the performance that you are trying to recreate is smothered under a barrage of interference pollution and waveform distortion. Your audio and visual equipment groans, buzzes and rattles, …. sound is constricted, muddled, harsh, two dimensional and unrealistic.

With the ‘Puritan Treatment’ dynamics and definition take an almost unbelievable stride forward, individual instruments gain air between them, their sound and timbre become convincing of the real thing, the sound-stage moves out of your speakers and into the room with gains in three dimensionality and with clarity definition and space between the instruments for them to inter-relate rather than muddle each other. Your listening will become a far more engaging and pleasurable experience.

Problems with mains and airborne disturbances also greatly compromise visual display performance causing definition to be dulled and the dynamics squashed. With the ‘Puritan Treatment’ the visual experience elevates to a higher level of noise free richness, blacker blacks, greater clarity, increased vibrancy and realism.

  • Plixir Elite BDC 12V 4A 2.1 Plixir Elite BDC 12V 4A 2.1

    Plixir Elite BDC 12V 4A 2.1

    Elite BDC 4A 2.1 Our PLiXiR Elite BDC balanced DC power supply is designed to reduce all the noise types present in a DC power supply. Upon deep studies it is apparent that traditional DC power supply circuit cannot eliminate them all.  These...

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  • Plixir Elite BAC 3000 V Plixir Elite BAC 3000 V

    Plixir Elite BAC 3000 V

    Elite BAC 3000V Our Elite BAC 3000V is an upright standing version of our Elite BAC 3000.  Our standard Elite BAC 3000, due to the big custom balanced Noratel transformer, takes up previous rack or floor space for Hifi equipment in a user setup...

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  • Plixir Elite BAC 3000 Plixir Elite BAC 3000

    Plixir Elite BAC 3000

    Elite BAC 3000 Our PLiXiR Elite BAC 3000 power conditioner is the best mains AC power conditioning product for your Hi-fi system;  3000 Watts of Pure Tone* power. It is designed to naturally reduce the incoming AC mains noise while...

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  • Plixir Elite BAC 400 Plixir Elite BAC 400

    Plixir Elite BAC 400

    Elite BAC 400 The PLiXiR Elite BAC 400 power conditioner is the best mains AC power conditioning product for your desktop Hi-fi system. Designed around our concept of Pure Tone*, it naturally cleans up the incoming AC mains supply and improves...

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  • PS106-DC Advanced Purifiers

    PS106-DC Advanced Purifiers

      PS106-DC Advanced Purifiers For the purist we present our PS108 “Purist” model with no filtration, no voltage clamp protection, just the very highest integrity independent star wiring of live, neutral and earth connections to 8...

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