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  • Scansonic M10 Loudspeaker

    Scansonic M10 Loudspeaker

    The M-10 is a compact two-way mini-monitor, featuring a high-resolution ribbon tweeter which, in combination with it’s 4” Honeycomb enforced glass-fiber cone, delivers an open and detailed sound, with extraordinary low levels of distortion...

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  • Scansonic M20 Loudspeaker

    Scansonic M20 Loudspeaker

    The M20 is a compact and elegant 2.5-way, floor-standing speaker.  Technical Information Size: (WxHxD) 220 x 935 x 250 mm Weight: 12.1 kg Freq. response: 50 Hz – 40 KHz   Impedance: 4 ohm Crossover: 4 KHz 2.Order   300 Hz1...

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  • Scansonic M40 Loudspeaker

    Scansonic M40 Loudspeaker

    The M40 is a powerfull and elegant 2.5-way, floor-standing speaker. The speaker features a high-resolution ribbon tweeter, normally only seen in much higher priced products. In the M40, the tweeter blends seamlessly with two 4” honeycomb enforced...

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  • Scansonic MBB 1 Loudspeaker

      The MBB-1 is a stand-mount, two-way mini monitor. Our main goal was to create a small speaker that does what it does really well. The reflex port is placed in the front, and it uses special inlays that reduce noise to an extremely low level...

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  • Scansonic MBB 10 Active Sub-Woofer

    Scansonic MBB 10 Active Sub-Woofer

    The MBB-10 Subwoofer has a powerful 100 W RMS built-in amplifier and the adjustable crossover frequency, and phase angle enables you to seamlessly combine the MBB-10 with any existing stereo or surround setup. Technical Information Freq. response: 30...

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  • Scansonic MBB 2.5 Loudspeaker

      The MBB-2.5 is a slim floorstander with two 4.5” carbon-coned drivers and a sealed ribbon tweeter. The MBB-2.5 is a 2.5-way speaker with the second woofer assisting in the power demanding bass region. The 2.5’s cabinet is heavy,...

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  • Scansonic MBB 3.5 Loudspeakers

        The MBB-3.5 is a slim floorstander with two 4.5” carbon-coned drivers, a sealed ribbon tweeter and two 6.5” woofers. The MBB-3.5 works as a 2.5-way speaker, where the two midrange-woofers are supported by two 6.5”...

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  • Scansonic MBB 5 loudspeaker

    The MBB-5 is a unique slim floor stander with four 4.5” carbon-coned drivers and a sealed ribbon tweeter. The 5 works as a 2.5-way speaker design, where two 4.5” carbon coned midrange-woofers are supported by two additional Carbon coned...

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  • Scansonic MBB 6 Loudspeaker

    The MBB6 is the Scansonic flagship speaker. Tall, slim and elegantly curved it follows the core of traditions in Danish loudspeaker design. The design is centered around the ultra light moving mass sealed ribbon tweeter, that has unique speed, resolution...

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  • Scansonic MBB Centre Loudspeaker

    The MBB-Center is a high performance center channel for a MBB home theatre setup. The MBB-Center is like the other MBB series speakers built around the amazing MBB sealed ribbon planer tweeter. This allows for a stress-free, dynamic and detailed treble...

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