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  • Avid Pellar Phono - Shawn Clarke

    Avid Pellar ser# 6   Pellar Descended from its bigger relation, our single box phonostage retains the sonic family resemblance, possessing a natural tonal balance with brilliant dynamics and characteristically low background noise. Bringing...

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    Audiodesk Vinyl Cleaner PRO (Factory Refurbished)

    Factory Refurbished/Previously Loved AudioDesk Vinyl Cleaner PRO Record Cleaning Machine We have Various limited Colors in stock, please call to check for options, specific color stock NOT Guaranteed. This promotion is only available through the...

    Was: $4,799.00
    Now: $2,499.00
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  • Origin Live Gravity One Record Weight

    Origin Live Gravity One Record Weight

    Description Many clamps flatten records successfully but have very mixed results on sound quality. As a generalization, most tend to enhance and pump up the bass whilst dulling down the upper mid-band. There is also a perceived softening of...

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    Static is all around us and depending on weather conditions at times, it can be very bad. I’ve seen instances where a static discharge took out some expensive gear. There are a few precautions that can be taken to reduce the static in your...

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    TRU-LIFT automatic tonearm lifter Single Models - #1, #2, #3 & #4 (short to tall). Model #1: Adjustable Height 1 1/4" to 1 5/8" Model #2: Adjustable Height 1 5/8 to 2"  Model #3: Adjustable Height 2" to 2...

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    TRU-LIFT automatic tonearm lifter Models with Solid Round Base. Model #1 + PUCK: Adjustable Height 1 5/8" to 2". *This model is recommended for VPI HW40,Cliffwood & Player.   Model #2 + PUCK: Adjustable Height 2 to 2 3/8"...

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  • UberLight™ Flex 4200TL Led Task Light, Base

    UberLight™ Flex 4200TL Led Task Light, Base

    UberLight™ Flex 4200TL Led Task Light, Base The UberLight™ Flex is the perfect addition to any turntable setup. The powerful illumination of this premium LED light makes it easy to see the dust that your brush has left behind, find the lead...

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  • Limetree Phono II Phono Pre-Amp Limetree Phono II Phono Pre-Amp

    Limetree Phono II Phono Pre-Amp

    Limetree Phono II   The Limetree PHONO II is our statement for all vinyl friends. A high-grade preamp for your pickup cartridge. Using the latest technologies and parts we reanimated a circuit design from the tube amp era. The result is...

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  • iFi Audio ZEN Phono

    iFi Audio ZEN Phono

    Fall in love with your LPs all over again. Pedigree. Performance. Peerless. LPs + ZEN = Magical combo. You’ve spent years building your dream LP collection. We know...

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