• Audeze - LCD-2

    Audeze - LCD-2

    Here's the headphone that started it all. The LCD-2 was the very first headphone sold by Audeze, and helped lead us to the coveted position as the world’s leading manufacturer of planar...

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  • Audeze - LCD-2 Classic

    Audeze - LCD-2 Classic

    We’ve taken our current generation LCD-2 drivers and removed the Fazor elements, aligning the sound of the LCD-2 Classic with that of the original LCD-2 launched in 2008. The result is a warm...

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  • Audeze - LCD-2 Closed Back

    Audeze - LCD-2 Closed Back

    They say you shouldn’t mess with a classic - we say, “Have you heard our LCD-2 Closed Back?” Experience the engaging warmth and vibrancy of our LCD-2 Classic without disturbing your...

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  • Audeze - LCD-3

    Audeze - LCD-3

    The design of our LCD-3 has remained largely unchanged since its inception, and for good reason. This headphone has long been a customer favorite due to its high resolution, wide soundstage, and...

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  • Audeze - LCD-4z

    Audeze - LCD-4z

    Experience the unrivaled audio quality of our Flagship LCD-4 without the need for an amplifier. No other headphone in the world features such a robust and musically engaging sound signature in such...

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  • Audeze - LCD-MX4

    Audeze - LCD-MX4

    Taking the Environment out of the Equation The incredibly controlled bass and remarkably low distortion of the LCD-MX4 allow it to perform like a high-end speaker system, without the need for large,...

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  • Audeze - LCD-X

    Audeze - LCD-X

    Our Best-Selling Headphone - The Audio Professional's Choice Since Audeze introduced the LCD-X in 2013, it has become the gold standard of the professional audio world. Trusted by award winning...

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  • Audeze - LCD-XC

    Audeze - LCD-XC

    The Closed-Back Choice for Audio Professionals Since Audeze introduced the LCD-XC in 2013, it has become the gold standard closed-back of the professional audio world. Trusted by award winning...

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