Focal Headphones

  • Focal - LISTEN PROFESSIONAL - Headphones

    Focal - LISTEN PROFESSIONAL - Headphones

    LISTEN Professional Closed-back, circum-aural headphones   Listen to your music, not to your headphones Listen Professional circum-aural closed back headphones are the essential work tool for music production. They confirm Focal’s ambition to...

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  • Focal - CLEAR MG PROFESSIONAL - Headphones

    Focal - CLEAR MG PROFESSIONAL - Headphones

    Clear Mg professional EXCEPTIONAL PROFESSIONAL HEADPHONES   OPEN-BACK CIRCUM-AURAL PROFESSIONAL HEADPHONES Clear Mg Professional positions itself as the essential headphones for the most discerning music creators. Its full-range speaker drivers...

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  • Focal - BATHYS - Wireless Headphones

    Focal - BATHYS - Wireless Headphones

    Bathys Travel in High-Fidelity   BLUETOOTH HI-FI HEADPHONES® WITH ACTIVE NOISE CANCELLATION Bathys – Focal’s first wireless noise-cancellation hi-fi headphones – is a combination of exclusive technologies, refined design and...

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  • Focal - CELESTEE - Headphones

    Focal - CELESTEE - Headphones

    CELESTEE Reveal every moment   HIGH-FIDELITY CLOSED-BACK CIRCUM-AURAL HEADPHONES Celestee provide an incredible listening experience thanks to the exclusive technology built into their speaker drivers. The precise and ultra-clean sound reproduced...

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  • Focal - CLEAR - Headphones

    Focal - CLEAR - Headphones

    CLEAR THE EMOTION OF INFINITE SPACE...   OPEN CIRCUMAURAL HIGH-FIDELITY HEADPHONES Clear are our brand new open-back high-fidelity headphones made in France by Focal. Continuing in the spirit of Utopia and Elear and using the best of Focal...

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  • Focal - CLEAR MG - Headphones

    Focal - CLEAR MG - Headphones

    CLEAR MG Experience excellence   EXCEPTIONAL OPEN-BACK HEADPHONES Clear Mg high-fidelity headphones combine comfort, cutting-edge audio performance and unique aesthetics to deliver complete listening pleasure. Designed for use in relatively quiet...

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  • Focal - STELLIA - Headphones

    Focal - STELLIA - Headphones

    STELLIA Acoustic sound purity   High-end closed-back circum-aural headphones Stellia is a high-fidelity headphones manuactured in France. Equipped with the brand’s very best Focal technology and providing excellent soundproofing, Stellia...

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  • Focal - UTOPIA - Headphones

    Focal - UTOPIA - Headphones

    UTOPIA Sound Purity At Its Finest HIGH-FIDELITY OPEN-BACK CIRCUM-AURAL HEADPHONES First launched in 2016, Utopia headphones rank amongst the best in the world! In 2022, these iconic headphones present a reworked design blending sophistication with...

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